New drilling machine

Drilling machines play a crucial role in a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) factory. The primary purpose of drilling machines in a PCB factory is to create holes in the PCB to accommodate electronic components and facilitate the interconnection of various circuit elements.

Here are the key roles of drilling machines in a PCB factory:

Hole Drilling: Drilling machines are used to precisely and accurately create holes in the PCB substrate. These holes are typically for mounting electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and connectors.

Via Drilling: In multi-layer PCBs, vias are used to connect different layers of the board. Drilling machines are essential for creating via holes that allow electrical connections between the different layers of the PCB.

One PCB can contain tens of thousands of holes, so drilling is indeed a crucial part of making PCB’s

Aspocomp has a large drilling department and our latest addition to the drilling machine family is Schmoll XRA x-ray drill. It is adding to our x-ray drilling capacity and will give us

– Improved X-ray contrast capability. For example XRA can recognize inner layer targets through up-to 1 mm thick copper layers

– Flexible machine table for variation of targets on the Production panels

– Flexible automation

– New graphical user interface

Aspocomp is a leading European PCB factory with AS9100 certificate. Let’s us know when you have a new project in the pipeline – we would be happy to contribute with our knowledge on the manufacturability of different PCB designs.