High Frequency PCBs

Printed circuit boards for high frequency applications are typically designed on some special base materials. Aspocomp has a long history of processing a vast variety of these special materials.

The history starts from 1985 when we manufactured PTFE based PCBs for the first time. It was in 1998 when we processed our first multilayer high frequency PCB.

Since then our experience of different base materials has improved further and today we can process many different materials and even mixed buildups.

Typically high frequency PCBs are used in radio and high speed digital applications such as 5G wireless communication, automotive radar sensors, aerospace, satellites and more. High frequency laminates provide lower attenuation and constant dielectric properties compared to PCBs of conventional FR4 materials. Aspocomp has specialized to manufacture of multilayer and HDI PCBs of high frequency dielectric materials.

For more information about our base material offering please see our laminate options

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