Design Support Services

As an Aspocomp customer, you will not only get high-quality PCBs delivered on time, but also benefit from a variety of value-added services.

For example, our technical support managers will provide feedback and design improvements on request in order to achieve volume production cost-efficiently.

Please read more about our services below:

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services
    • We can support our customers with Design for Manufacturing (DFM) feedback.
    • The best possible cost saving results can be achieved in the early phase of the development cycle.
    • Early optimization of design can help to achieve the following benefits:
      • Reduced cost during mass production
      • Improved reliability for the final product
      • Improved availability of PCBs
      • Improved performance in some cases (e.g. RF)
  • Impedance calculations and measurement
  • Insertion loss simulations and measurement
  • Stack-up consultation services
  • Material consultation
  • Technical workshops and training
    • As an Aspocomp customer, you can choose to receive regular training, both technical and commercial, for your organization. This training can be provided either at your own site or at our manufacturing locations.
    • The training focuses on printed circuit technology and manufacturing, new technologies, design rules and trends in the market, or can be completely tailormade to suit your organization’s needs.
    • Please contact any of our sales staff directly to further discuss your PCB training needs.
  • Design support to ensure manufacturability and lowest total cost
  • Measurement and reporting.