Telecom PCB Solutions

Aspocomp has been manufacturing PCB’s for various applications in telecommunication industry since the 1980’s. Thanks to our long history of working with telecommunication companies, Aspocomp has extensive knowhow on PCB’s made for this industry for both infrastructure and handheld devices.

5G, with new type of network infrastructure combined with new high frequency requirements for applications (up to millimeter-wave range), has been driving product development over the past years in this sector. First 5G network operator installations together with 5G handheld device deliveries were started in 2019, and the first years of 2020 decade will be the momentum of 5G network expansion within EU and globally.

World is just beginning to see, what 5G really is and what it can offer. 5G is expected to reform itself on coming years, as some standards are not yet fixed and there will be regional variation in how it will be implemented. Utilization of the whole potential of 5G will create new applications, that don’t even exist yet. 5G will create new possibilities in IoT, Industry 4.0, Augmented reality and Autonomous driving to name a few. All these will create a need for new innovative hardware products, where also Aspocomp can support by delivering latest PCB technologies with its high-end production capabilities.

Network operators offering broadband solutions to homes, offices and industrial facilities deliver significantly improved possibilities to transfer information and enjoy entartainment over the internet.

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