Fast Deliveries – Quick Turn Around (QTA PCBs)

Our operations have always been optimized to provide the shortest lead time and guarantee high quality PCBs.

Our QTA Services comprise the following:

  • Express QTA – Extremely fast prototype and small series deliveries from our plant in Finland
  • Exception Management – Fast mid-volume deliveries to help customers recovering from exceptional disturbances in their volume supply chain
  • QTA services from our partner factories in China and Europe

Some examples of FCA* lead times:

  • Multilayer: 2 – 36 layers within 24-48h
  • HDI build-ups:
    • 1+nb+1 within 3 working days
    • 2+nb+2 within 7 working days
    • 3+nb+3 within 8 working days
    • 4+nb+4 within 10 working days
    • Cavity coin within 8 working days
    • T-coin within 10 working days

With our optimized logistics, we can guarantee that the PCBs will arrive on time – you will not fall behind in your critical build schedule.

Some examples of transport times from Oulu, Finland:

  • Stockholm     6hrs. (same day)
  • Copenhagen  6hrs. (same day)
  • Munich        18hrs. (next day 9:00)
  • Paris           18hrs. (next day 9:00)
  • Milan          18hrs. (next day 9:00)
  • Singapore    39hrs. (2 days 12:00)
  • Dallas          57hrs. (2 days, 16:00)

*FCA = Free on Carrier