Fast Deliveries – Quick Turn Around (QTA PCBs)

Our operations have always been optimized to provide the shortest lead time and guarantee high quality PCBs.

Our QTA Services comprise of the following

  • Express QTA – Extremely fast prototype and small series deliveries from our plant in Finland
  • Exception Management – Fast mid-volume deliveries to help customers recovering from exceptional disturbances in their volume supply chain
  • QTA services from our partner factories in China and Europe

Some examples of FCA* lead times:

  • Multilayer: 2 – 36 layers within 24-48h
  • HDI build-ups:
    • 1+nb+1 within 3 working days
    • 2+nb+2 within 7 working days
    • 3+nb+3 within 8 working days
    • 4+nb+4 within 10 working days
    • Cavity coin within 8 working days
    • T-coin within 10 working days

With our optimized logistics we can guarantee the PCBs will also arrive ontime, not missing that critial build schedule.

Some examples of transport times from Oulu, Finland:

  • Stockholm     6hrs (same day)
  • Copenhagen  6hrs (same day)
  • Munich        18hrs (next day 9:00)
  • Paris           18hrs (next day 9:00)
  • Milan          18hrs (next day 9:00)
  • Singapore    39hrs (2 days 12:00)
  • Dallas          57hrs (2 days, 16:00)

*FCA = Free on Carrier