PCBs for Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor industry is technology driver in electronics industry and is expected to grow significantly in the future. Challenges for the semiconductor corporations include increasing complexity of the chips and keeping the time to market as short as possible.

One of the technical challenges is to build tester systems to enable online functional testing for highly complex active chips. Electronics of such testers become increasingly complex and functionality in high operating frequencies need to be guaranteed. This increases the complexity and wiring density of PCBs used in such electronics. Additionally high operating frequency have their impact to materials of PCBs. Typical features of these PCBs include high layer count, large format, high speed materials, narrow line/space and complex PCB structures.

Aspocomp as a PCB manufacturer can support this development with the production of very sophisticated bare boards used at the semiconductor manufacturer directly or their test equipment suppliers to build the test systems. A variation of different highspeed base materials and very short delivery times can be offered for this purpose.

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