High Frequency Laminates

High Frequency laminates are used in PCBs that require a low dissipation factor (Df) and very stable dielectric constant (Dk). The main applications are radio PCBs, antennas, filters, power amplifiers and high speed digital PCBs.

Aspocomp has long experience to work with special RF and High speed materials. Best special material production knowhow we have for materials from laminate companies like Isola, Panasonic, Rogers, ShengYi and Taconic, but we have experience also for the many others.

Dk (1GHZ) values for high frequency/high speed digital materials vary between 3.1 – 3.9 level depending on material, and Df (1GHz) of materials is stating from 0.002 range. Some high speed materials are used also for HDI/any layer HDI applications – check suitable variants to your application by contacting us.

We have also wide experience to work with different level of RF materials including PTFE’s. RF materials are used in various applications starting from simple 2L boards to metal back PCB’s, and to complex multilayer Hybrid- or Inlay PCB’s. We are also working with complex RF PCB’s with high reliability for Security, Defence and Aerospace applications.

Please contact us to find right material for your application needs.

The parameters of most commonly used laminate Ro4350/4450 above.

Mixed buildups of FR4 + High frequency laminate are also available!