Logistics Solutions

At Aspocomp, we want to offer our customers not only the highest quality printed circuit boards, but also an extensive variety of value-added services that will generate a competitive advantage for the whole supply chain.

Supply Chain Management


We utilize forecasts effectively in our planning process. If you have the possibility to share your forecast PCB demand with us, we can plan our operations accordingly.

Warehousing services

We manage our warehouse effectively and can offer a variety of consignment and buffer stock solutions to our customers.


Our modern information systems enable following our production on a real-time basis and tracking the origin of finished goods and raw materials back to our supplier’s production.


Our transport packages and vacuum-packed product packages are always labeled with all the required information about the manufacturer, product and production batch. The data is always shown in both human readable and bar-coded format. We have also implemented customer-specific labeling solutions.

Courier deliveries

For several years, we have been working with the very best logistics service providers to ensure the accuracy and speed of deliveries. When dealing with quick turnaround production, we seek to minimize transportation times. When needed, the goods are transported in the fastest possible way either by our courier partners or even by our own personnel.