Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of Aspocomp’s operations, management and decision making, seeking to minimize the company’s environmental impact. We seek to continuously develop our operations to prevent and reduce the emissions and wastes caused by our operations. We are committed to minimizing the use of materials that have a harmful impact on the environment throughout the whole life cycle of products.

The electronics supply chain has a great impact on the environmental friendliness of the end products. Therefore we seek to work closely with other electronics companies and subcontractors in projects concerning the environment and its protection. The goal is to collect reliable data on the composition of the production materials, and to identify the most environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes.

Aspocomp’s production plant and manufacturing partners have ISO 14001-certified environmental management systems and related action plans.

Printed circuit boards for lead-free soldering process

Our products meet the requirements of the lead-free soldering process in terms of both the materials and surface finishes used.

Halogen-free printed circuit boards

Our raw material options include halogen-free base materials.

Reach Regulation

We operate in accordance with the European Union’s REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization), which entered into force on June 6, 2007.

Material declaration

Aspocomp can provide its customers with detailed material reports that itemize the chemical elements and compounds used in each PCB. Customers can consult these reports to determine the recyclability of the final product at the end of its life cycle.

Recycle and reuse of our products

Aspocomp has decades long formal partnership established with renowed recycling companies. We are experienced in recycling Printed Circuit Boards and we are happy to help our customers in finding a best solution for recycling or reusing our products. Please contact us if you want to know more about our company specific take back programs.