Advanced HDI PCBs

High Density Interconnection (HDI) technology is needed in PCB design to achieve higher wiring density than conventional PCBs.

HDI PCBs have microvias which are made by laser from a layer to the next one. Microvias can be staggered or stacked on top of each other. Aspocomp started iths microvia PCB production in Oulu already in 1998.

Viafilling of microvias is needed to provide connection between stacked microvias or on top layer to flatten the surface of microvia. Aspocomp has utilized HDI viafill technology in its Oulu factory since 2008.

Advanced HDI is a technology that goes beyond ordinary HDI processes. Advanced HDI has typically several stacked HDI layers and even anylayer technology where all connections are done by microvias.

HDI and Advanced HDI technology enables design for very high density components like 400u pitch BGA with a high amount of I/O pins. This component type usually requires a PCB using multiple layer HDI, for example 4+4B+4 or even Anylayer technology. Anylayer technology was introduced in Aspocomp Oulu factory in 2013

Aspocomp’s manufacturing is specialized in express production of this PCB type.

See the capability page for more design parameters.