Automotive PCB Solutions

Safe driving and sustainable mobility are the main drivers for the global automotive industry. Aspocomp has a long track record in supporting this industry.

The automotive sector is a major investor in R&D, responsible for 28% of total spending in the EU – and thus we can expect the industry to come up with new innovations. Thanks to this development, the number of PCB components in cars and their functionalities are on the rise.

Aspocomp has IATF 16949:2016 certification. With our partner network, we can support all the phases of automotive development. 

Multiple trends increase the demand for PCBs:

  • reductions in fuel consumption
  • greater use of hybrid technologies
  • the increasing importance of energy and heat management systems in the automotive sector.

New vehicular safety solutions have been successfully deployed. Road fatalities in the EU have fallen by roughly 60% since the turn of the century, even as the number of passenger cars on Europe’s roads has increased from 200 million to 260 million during the same period.

We are well-versed in applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance systems and improved braking solutions, developed by an Aspocomp customer. Lighting solutions and various infotainment and navigation systems will also require the introduction of more new types of PCBs in cars.

In addition to the high-end car market, new technical solutions are also introduced in vehicles in the more affordable automotive segments. Many innovations are first deployed in F1 cars and later find their way into low-cost vehicles.

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