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Manufacturing a Printed Circuit Board involves of utilizing a large range of different technologies. In our downloads section you can find a summarized overview of the most important rules that apply in designing a PCB that can be manufactured with a good yield.

Traditionally, thin HDI PCBs and thick HDI PCBs are not manufactured in a single factory. However, at our plant in Oulu, Finland we manufacture these two board types under the same roof and we have separated our HDI PCB design rules into two general groups: thin HDIs and thick HDIs.

Please note that it is not necessarily possible to combine all the parameters in the same PCB. For example, laminate material specifications can impact the design rules if special materials like RF laminates are used.

Our capabilities are described in greater detail in our Extranet.

Please contact the Aspocomp sales team to check our capabilities on a case by case basis if necessary.

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