High Speed Digital PCB

Printed circuit boards are key components for devices processing or transmitting high data rates. Typical applications are  IC test systems, 5G base stations, internet switches, IoT devices and high speed computing. These systems operate in many cases with data rates of 10Gbit/s or more.

Typical specification of high speed digital PCB includes functional, material and tolerance requirements. The requirements vary depending on the final application. However in most cases these PCBs include electrical functionality like impedance match and insertion loss control of transmission lines. In addition there are signal integrity details to consider.  These features need to be taken care of during the manufacturing of these boards.

Typical features of high speed digital PCBs are high layer count, large size, tight dimensional tolerances, stub elimination, high packaging density and complex stack-up structure. In most cases high frequency/low loss materials are required.

Aspocomp can provide leading edge project support for high speed digital PCBs, including stack-up engineering, dedicated design rule recommendations and material pre-booking. This pre-work will enable smooth and prompt launch of the PCB manufacturing at the shop floor. Consequently these preparations enable quick turnaround (QTA) approach for these high technology PCBs.