Aspocomp’s strategy period 2017–2022

We are becoming a customer focused service company

We are in a turning point. We are expanding geographically and business-wise. We are expanding our business geographically and from telecom sector to other sectors like e.g. automotive, security & defence and IC testing. We are serving our customers through full product lifecycle with best suitable services and strong partners. We are utilising our strong partner network to serve our customers during the whole lifecycle of their product.

Key strategy programs to ensure successful execution of strategy

  • Expanding customer base
  • Expanding manufacturing capacity
  • Expanding/introducing service sales models
  • Building capability to support new customer segment
  • Investigating inorganic business opportunities.

New business from existing customers

  • Transformation from a prototype provider to a provider of total solutions.
  • Utilizing cost effective partners in Asia and in Europe for high volume orders.
  • Increasing our share from customer’s wallet.
  • Expanding our portfolio by utilizing partners.
  • New services: PCB procurement, warehousing, logistic, auditing, testing, planning etc.

New PCB customers

  • Continuing active new customer acquisition and focusing especially in new markets in Central Europe and in the US.
  • The increasing technical capabilities and customer understanding opens up new customer opportunities especially in semiconductor R&D and IC testing segments.

Streamlining current business

  • The plant in Oulu focuses on technologically advanced and short lead time products that bring high added value to customers.
  • Utilizing volume partners for ramp up and large volumes as well as product technologies outside Oulu offering.
  • Increasing the capacity of the plant in Oulu step-by-step and optimizing product mix during the strategy period.
  • Goal to achieve some 50% higher net sales in the Oulu plant.

Inorganic growth opportunities (no activity as of today)

1.Acquiring a PCB trading company to

  • speed up the US market entry
  • strengthen the European presence
  • open a new market area.

2.Acquiring a PCB manufacturing company to

  • support and expand to new/different end customer segments
  • support new manufacturing technology other than the Oulu plant.

3.Acquiring electronic/PCB design company to

  • offer and expand design/development support to existing customers.