Quarterly Key Figures

Quarterly key indicatorsQ2/2021Q1/2021Q4/2020Q3/2020Q2/2020
Net sales, M€
Operating result before depreciation (EBITDA), M€0.9-
Operating result (EBIT), M€0.5-
   of net sales, %6%-8%-1%2%4%
Profit/loss before taxes, M€0.4-0.5-
   of net sales, %6%-7%-3%0%3%
Net profit/loss for the period, M€0.4-
   of net sales, %6%-7%2%0%3%
Equity ratio, %64%63%64%63%62%
Gearing, %18%21%17%14%14%
Gross investments in fixed assets, M€
   of net sales, %2%10%6%6%5%
Personnel, end of the quarter140134138142144
Earnings/share (EPS), €0.06-
Equity/share, €2.502.442.512.482.63