PCBs With Component Cooling Features for Thermal Management

Aspocomp provides a wide variety of PCBs having designed-in cooling feature for high power components.

It is possible to choose a tailored solution right under the component that leads heat flow efficiently through the PCB. Aspocomp can provide the following PCB cooling technologies:

  • Via farm cooling by filled+capped vias / IPC Type VII / POFV (provided by Aspocomp since 2003)
  • Pre-bonded metalback (at Aspocomp since 2002)
  • Post-bonded metalback (at Aspocomp since 2002)
  • Embedded T-coin (at Aspocomp since 2012)
  • Embedded I-coin (at Aspocomp since 2012)
  • Embedded C-coin (at Aspocomp since 2012)

Embedded coin technology enables to insert piece of solid copper right under the component.

PCB designer’s loop for thermal design and optimization goes as follows:

  1. Thermal simulation and design
  2. PCB manufacturing
  3. PCB Assembly
  4. Thermal measurements and/or thermal images
  5. Analyzing the results
  6. Thermal benchmark

Example result of the test arrangement and benchmark would be for example that “Thermal path with T coin has only 50% of the thermal resistance compared to similar sized viafarm”

Each solution has a different thermal resistance and cost background.

Please contact us to find the most optimal solution for your application-specific thermal challenges.