Yearly key figures

Yearly key indicators20192018201720162015
Net sales, M€31,229,123,921,617,5
Operating result before depreciation (EBITDA), M€4,74,01,91,80,0
Operating profit/loss (EBIT), M€3,42,90,80,7-1,2
  Share of net sales, %10,99,93,53,2-6,8
Pre-tax profit from operations, M€3,32,80,80,6-1,3
  Share of net sales, %10,49,53,32,9-7,4
Net profit/loss for the period, M€3,93,21,31,0-1,0
  Share of net sales, %12,611,15,34,8-5,8
Net cash flow from operating activities, M€4,32,00,80,1-0,1
Return on equity (ROE), %23,92411,210,3-10,1
Return on investment (ROI), %18,419,8410,39,6-12,6
Equity ratio, %61,357,669,167,668,6
Gearing, %19,019,39,311,810,7
Investments, M€3,93,41,00,40,5
  Share of net sales, %12,611,54,01,82,7
Order book at the end of period4,42,82,52,41,0
Personnel, year end132117113108106
Personnel, average124116111106121
Earnings/share (EPS), €0,590,490,190,16-0,16
Dividend/share, €0,15*0,120,070,000,00
Price/earnings ratio (P/E)8,927,5512,4710,00-7,00
*Proposal of the Board of Directors
** 2017 financial information restated in accordance with new accounting principles. Updated April 19, 2018.