Heart of your service

A lot of things happen in a PCB factory before your boards are ready for shipping. Materials will be ordered and reserved, the boards will be manufactured using complex physical, chemical and mechanical processes. The boards will travel multiple rounds in the production facility, are checked many times and finally packaged for shipment.

Our customer service team

At the heart of this service we have a fantastic team of professionals that fulfils your order from start to end. Many of our regular customers know our team through personal contact and know the central role they have in serving our customers.

Usually our co-operation starts with a request for quotation or re-quote of existing prices. The customer service team works tightly with the sales team and for those who do not yet have the direct contact can get the contact information here for customer service https://aspocomp.com/contacts/customer-service/ and here for the sales team https://aspocomp.com/contacts/sales-and-marketing/.

As Aspocomp makes a lot of prototype and QTA deliveries many of our offers and started PCBs in the factory require quite a lot of work compared to handling repeat orders.

First time production needs

  • possibly CAM-analysis if it is not a straight forward design
  • possibly support from the NPI team in the form of detailed build-up and EQ questions
  • plan for the optimal delivery time
  • check for material availability
  • pricing to the customer.

The customer service team will send you our quotation and has a central role in making all this happen. Sales, NPI and production planning chip in to get the customer order and production started.

Fast deliveries also mean fast information processing cycles from quotation to order to delivery. As many things happen before the production starts the working tempo in our customer service is quite high. QTA in the office as well. At the customer service we make sure we have the correct information for delivery and invoicing address as well as delivery timing and method. 

Your extended team at Aspocomp

On-going communication is essential part of good customer service and we do our best to keep our customer up-to-date with all information relating to the customer deliveries. The best results are achieved when we work as one team with the customer organization. In the era of global business and advanced information systems it is still a matter of people-to-people business.

“Aspocomp is a well know supplier in the PCB business which makes our job a little bit easier to do. The most fulfilling part of the job is the good co-operation with the people we work with in the customer organizations. Very often the co-operation with the customer and the people there is a long-term affair and feels like working with our own colleagues” says Tuula Erkinjuntti.

Based on our extensive experience and customer survey feed back we know that communication is a key for successful customer relationship. Working with short delivery times and prototype boards poses unique challenges to this and we always do our best in keeping the customer informed about any changes – no matter how last minute the take place.

“It is always nice to be able to visit a customer. meet the people and get to know about the end products that we are helping the customers to build” adds Tuula.

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