New Aspocomp webpages

Aspocomp is taking the next step in digital marketing and communications

Welcome to our new website! Aspocomp PCB’s are the heart of our customers’ technology and our customers typically develop leading edge technology products. We want to follow the suit in our marketing and communications activities as well.

We aim to make the content on our website relevant and useful to our existing customers and tell about our qualities and skills to new customers in a way that will generate interest to contact us.

The relationship between a PCB supplier and the customer requires communications on many levels and it is fundamentally people to people business. In addition to the everyday communication with our sales, production and customer services teams we welcome you to find relevant information here.

We will use the website, Twitter account @AspocompGroup and LinkedIn account at to share news about us and interesting information about PCB technology business.

We are looking forward to getting your comments on what you would like to see on the communication channels.

By Ari Beilinson