PCBs for product development

Aspocomp specializes in demanding PCB technologies, serving its customers throughout the entire life cycle of a product. We sell and manufacture PCBs and also provide related design and logistics services as well as technology solutions.

Aspocomp creates value for its customers with unique products and solutions, strong manufacturing and technology expertise, as well as fast and reliable deliveries. A wide network of expert partners together with Aspocomp’s own manufacturing enables its customers to cost-effectively buy their PCBs from a single provider over the entire life cycle of a product.

If you are looking for alternative sources for your PCB’s or support for new or complex products, you have come to the right place.

Strong financials and professional service

From 2019 annual report

Our technical support managers will provide feedback and design improvements on request in order to achieve volume production cost-efficiently. A large part of our shipments are QTA and prototype PCBs – that’s why we are used to giving thorough design support in most of our deliveries.

You can read about our products and services here. We have been fully operational during the pandemic and now see the pick-up in different industries as we start to get back to more normal business environment.

Contact our sales team here or leave us a message in the form below and we will help you to a flying start with your new projects.

Ari Beilinson

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Espoo, Finland

M: +358 40 5801 027


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