High Speed PCBs

Aspocomp specializes in demanding PCB technologies, serving its customers throughout the entire life cycle of a product. We sell and manufacture PCBs, provide related design and logistics services as well as technology solutions.

Need for speed

Amount and speed of data transferred over the core- and wireless networks have been drastically increasing over the past decade as people have started to be always on-line and use their handheld device for, more or less, everything. 5G and related solutions (like in areas of e.g. IoT and automotive communication) are giving latest boost for same trend to continue. Aspocomp, as a PCB supplier, has been part of this development and we have seen from close the world changing.

Printed circuit boards are key components for devices processing or transmitting high data rates. Typical applications are IC test systems, 5G base stations, internet switches, IoT devices and high-speed computing. These systems operate in many cases with data rates of 10Gbit/s or more.

PCB’s that support high speed data rates

The specification of high-speed PCB includes functional, material and tolerance requirements. Boards have normally special requirements for low loss PCB materials and impedance control on PCB traces with tighter tolerances. Signal integrity details need to be considered also. These features need to be taken care of during the design and manufacturing of these boards.

Additional features of high speed PCBs are high layer count, large size, tight dimensional tolerances, stub elimination, high packaging density and complex stack-up structure with special high speed PCB materials.

We have the partners

Aspocomp is working with well-known global partners for high speed PCB materials such as:

From their product portfolio we can find suitable material for your high speed PCB material needs.

Aspocomp can provide leading edge project support for high speed PCBs, including stack-up engineering, dedicated high speed design rule recommendations and material pre-booking. This pre-work will enable smooth and prompt launch of the PCB manufacturing at the shop floor. Consequently, these preparations enable quick turnaround (QTA) approach for these high technology PCBs – for which Aspocomp is best known for.

You can find more information on our High speed PCB by following link here.

High Speed Digital PCB
High Speed Digital PCBs

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