Business Risks

Assessment of short-term business risks

updated April 27, 2017

Dependence on key customers

Aspocomp’s customer base is concentrated; the majority of sales are generated by a small number of key customers. Aspocomp does not as yet have enough medium-sized customers and still remains too dependent on its key customers. This exposes the company to significant fluctuations in demand.

Market trends

Although Aspocomp is a marginal player in the global electronics market, changes in global PCB demand also have an impact on the company’s business. A prolonged downturn has increased competition in quick-turn deliveries and short production series and has had a negative impact on both demand and prices. Correspondingly, overdemand for PCBs increases the need for quick-turn deliveries and decreases competition in short series, as high-volume manufacturers seek to optimize their capacity utilization ratios.

Aspocomp’s main market area comprises Northern and Central Europe. In case Aspocomp’s clients would transfer their R&D and manufacturing out of Europe, demand for Aspocomp’s offerings might weaken significantly.


Although the Group’s liquidity has improved markedly due to the improvement in operating profit, the company still remains dependent on the net sales generated by its key customers. Liquidity risk is reduced with a recourse factoring agreement and credit facility.