Business operations


Aspocomp develops and sells PCB manufacturing services. Operating as a service business, we provide one-stop access to technology solutions and competitive products for all PCB technologies.

Manufacturing in Finland

The Oulu plant manufactures HDI (High Density Interconnection), multilayer and special material PCBs. It is capable of very fast deliveries, even in the case of structurally complex PCBs. Aspocomp’s HDI product development and commercialization are centralized in Oulu. In addition, the Oulu plant develops technologies for heat management on PCBs.

Volume supply services

In addition to its in-house manufacture, Aspocomp also offers PCB trading services to its customers. These services include the selection of the most suitable high-volume manufacturer, provision of the technical specifications of the product, quality assurance and logistics services. These trading services round out Aspocomp’s own manufacturing, enabling customers to cost-effectively buy their PCBs from a single provider over the entire life cycle of a product. Aspocomp’s own production operations keep it up to date on developments in PCB technology — customers can thus rest assured that the company will provide them with the best knowledge and service.